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[pct-l] RE: pct-l-digest V1 #313

If you want to pickup a bivy sack cheap and of good quality, keep a look out at the Army surplus stores.  I just got out of the Marine Corps and I was issued a gortex bivy sack that is unreal!  I picked one up for $45 at a surplus store because I loved it so much and I don't know anywhere else that you can pickup a bivy for so cheap.  I used it earlier this month (November) near Mammoth Lakes about two miles from the John Muir Trail/PCT and it was perfect.  The temps got down to the teens with a strong wind.  The only problem I had was condensation that turned to ice at night, but I don't use a down sleeping bag knowing that there will be condensation.  So keep an eye out in the surplus stores for the gortex bivy sacks.  I think the Marine Corps is the only service that uses them right now, but I am sure that the Army will pick them up pretty soon.  Also, the Marine Corps will start using The North Face tents within a year.  I am not sure which model they will be using yet, but I am sure that they will start popping up in the surplus stores very soon.


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