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[pct-l] New PCT Guidebooks

>Does anyone know if there will be a new guide book coming out any time soon?
>At least before May 1998?  Also - are you supposed to use the topo maps
>the recent guide book or buy others?

>the Petersons'

Yup, I do know-- there will NOT be a new PCT guidebook, any time soon. It
costs WAY too much, to revise it, in toto.

However, Wilderness Press will publish it usual yearly update pages
(earlier versions are probably already in your book). The next set will be
out around Februaray, 1998. (Assuming Jeff and I get them done!!)

Call Wilderness Press for a free copy. (Maybe you can get them from the web
site, too, but it wasn't up, the last time I looked).

As far as the topos-- if we planned it right, you should be able to use the
topos currently in the book, even with new route changes. BUT, this is not
always the case. If you need to use other maps, the prose will suggest
them. (Now, as to the question of, whether you would want to spoil a great
geography lesson, by using ONLY the guides' maps, compared to a gorgeous
set of real topos...)

Ben Schifrin
Wilderness Press

Ben Schifrin
17360 Highgrade Lane
Sonora CA 95370
209 586-5767

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