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Re: [pct-l] Ankle brace?

I always thought I had "ankle" problems with symptoms
similar to those you mentioned here- tendon pain, easily
twists, etc.

...until I finally had a thorough foot exam- I needed arch
supports as most running shoes have only those
little foam inserts..hiking boot (even very good ones)
also seem to have minimal arch support builtin.

Once I got my orthotic arch supports (Dr. molded
my feet in plaster for exact fit) my "ankle" problems
went away. But I may have waited too long as I
have a knee problem now, casued by the upward
migration of instability from the foot to the ankle and
passsed onto the knee-- it all starts with a good foundation-
the foot- in my case now that I have orthotics my knee
"injury" may cure itself in a few months.


At 7:19 PM -0700 11/15/97, Kevin Corcoran wrote:
>>     I want to make the switch from hiking in (heavy) boots to running shoes
>>a la Jardine.  What is the list wisdom regarding a good first pair of shoes
>>(brand names encouraged)?  I have fat feet, if that makes any difference.
>>You can either post or send me email at "kevin.oleary@tempe.vlsi.com".
>>     Thanks!
>        I have a question for the group related to this.  Like Kevin I want
>also to start hiking more in running shoes......but my right ankle twists
>easily (and usually does).   High-tops, be they boots or sneakers, for
>unknown reasons cause pain in my ankle tendons....on both feet, so for added
>ankle support can anyone offer a recomendation of a stiff ankle brace that
>can be worn within a sneaker?
>Kevin #2
>Palmdale CA
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