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>Thanks for the advice on the PCT.

>It would be hard for the PCT not to be more remote than the AT. The
>crowds, humidity, steep climbs,and black flies are things I hope will be
>missing on the PCT. Although from everything I've read the mosquitoes
>are worse on the PCT.

>A few more questions: 1) What temperature rating sleeping bag should I
>carry?  2) What sections should I carry an ice axe 3) How much does a
>light one weigh and where do I get it? (ice axes aren't very common
>where I live in PA)

>Have you hiked any of the AT?


I encountered some flies down near Campo but they were not the biting kind.
You will run into bad mosquitos when you are in areas where the snow has
just melted away or is receding. For northbound through hikers this is
mostly around the Sierras and Desolation Lakes Wilderness. For the rest of
the way they are non existent or not that much of a problem, coming out
mornings and evenings. The trail is well graded with low humidity and most
people you see will be your fellow through hikers.

1) I would have two bags, one semi rectangle rated at about 40F and a mummy
at of least 15F. ( I find I usually want a bag rated colder than the actual
temperature I expect, because of exhaustion.) I prefer synthetic over down
but that is another can of worms entirely. Keep one bag in your drift box
and switch back and forth as necessary. The drift box idea is a good one,
keep sending it about two weeks ahead of yourself. 2) Pick up your ax at
Kennedy meadows and dump it at Tuolomne Meadows. 3) The Cassin Dragonfly
was a popular choice as it weighs under a pound. You can mail order from
REI, EMS. Sierra Traders, etc. I carried a REI 95cm Mountain Ax that
weighed over two pounds. It worked great when I was using it as a cane but
when you figure that I carried it on my back two hundred miles it probably
wasn't worth it.

I through hiked the AT in 1978. Let me know if you have any more questions.
Happy hiking!


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