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[pct-l] pct-l-digest V1 #301

Thanks Steve for the pickup on Namie Bacile.  We will be watching for him=

on the So. Cal part of the trail.

Speaking of accomplished hikers, Our PCTA  trail crew encountered Scott
Williamson  Nov. 8 heading south on the PCT near the top of the Snow Cree=
ascent.  He was traveling with thru hikers Martin from Maine and Mary Ann=
from Vancouver.  Scott is taking a busman's holiday enjoying a walk to
Campo, after discontinuing his roundtrip plans this year because of late
snow in the Cascades.  I asked him about Namie but he had not heard of hi=
in awhile.  I'll try to pass your news on to him.

Martin and Mary Anne are doing fine and will probably be in Campo in a we=
or so depending on weather.

Pete Fish
PCTA  Reg. Trail Coordinator
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