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Re: [pct-l] Refueling

On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Ted Williams wrote:

> I'm planning a 98 mex-can trip and I was wondering how past hikers 
> managed their stove fuel.  Jardine's handbook says it's illegal to 
> mail volatile liquids, but I don't want resupply only at the major 
> towns and lug around (or throw away) the extra fuel.  My miserly MSR 
> whisperlite stove uses so little fuel it seems a waste to not lighten 
> my load.  Any suggestions?

Basically, don't worry about it. Stove fuel seems to be available at most
towns along the trail. Often times, some hiker would buy a gallon and
just leave it for anyone who followed. I only had to use gasoline twice.
In fact if I were to do the trail again, I'd bring a 11oz. fuel bottle
instead of the 22oz. bottle that I carried.

-Karl PCT'96

Karl Brandt                             Center for Integrated Systems
brandt@kibo.stanford.edu                Via Ortega Rd.
(650) 725-3686                          Stanford, CA 94305-4070

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