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[pct-l] Re: ice axes

>I used the Cassin Dragonfly ice axe... 

>Could you describe this axe a bit? Do you know if it comes in lengths long 
>enough to double as a short hiking staff (a length where the point could 
>touch the ground, while holding it with a slightly bent arm). Is the head 
>curved under and behind the adze, making holding the axe, adze forward, 
>confortable. Hows the fall rating and what's it made of? Mucho dinero?

If I can jump in, the Dragonfly comes in lengths from 65 to 80 cm;
it's all aluminum, weighs about 12 oz (I recall, but could be wrong),
and costs $69.95 as shown on the Marmot Mountainworks web page at
www.premier1.net/~marmot/icetools.html (800/254-6246).  The Lowe/Camp
HL 250 is a similar axe in lengths from 50-70 cm at the same price
and weight, also carried by Marmot.  Grivel makes an all aluminum axe
called the Nepal Light weighing only 9.25 oz., but Climb High, the
Grivel distributor, does not carry it (I was told) because it is
not recommended for use on ice.  BTW, the Grivel Air Tech Racing axe
has a chrome-moly (steel) head and weighs only 12 oz, though it is
pricier at $116.

Rick Howard

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