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[pct-l] About those horses

I have to add to the horse discussion.

I spent about nine days in August hiking the East side of the Sierras 
from Mamoth to Big Pine. On several of the trials leading West there 
was much evidence of pack horses. The worst was a three-mile stretch 
up to Kearsarge Pass (three up and three back for a total of six :(

I am talking many piles of horse dung, putrid smell, and hordes of 
flies. Not the wilderness experience I am looking for.

On the good side every pack train I encountered the leaders were very 
friendly and safety conscience. And there is a role for horses in the 
back country as gear haulers. BUT something has to be done about the 
crap and errosion they leave behind.  

Any advise on permits, prep, and planning for an ascent of Mt. Whitney 
in 1998?

Best Wishes,   Rick

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