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[pct-l] '98 Hiker Suggestions

Hi 98 Prospective Thru Hikers!

My husband, Walt and I hiked from Campo to  Sierra City from April 30th 
to July 16.  There were several reasons why we weren’t able to make it 
to Canada, my feet and knee being the main reason,  Walt could have 
continued on and finished by mid-Sept. if he hadn’t said this was a 
“Team  Adventure.”  We would not trade this wonderful adventure for 
anything!  It is now the first of November and we are still getting 
flashbacks everyday.  I would like to make a few suggestions to each of 
you planning the hike.

1.  Join the Pacific Crest Trail Association.

The assistance that Joe and Bob gave to us when we called them was 
invaluable before, during and after our hike.  You can call their toll 
free number 1-888-PCTRAIL even if you aren’t a member, but joining 
helps their mission to preserve and develop the PCT, this benefits 
everyone interested in preserving our USA Trails.  They are also on the 
web at:  HTTP://WWW.GORP.COM/PCTA   You can also advertise for hiking 
partners in the  Pacific Crest Trail Communicator, a the monthly 
Newsletter published by the PCTA.

2.  Purchase all the books you will need DIRECTLY from the PCTA     

 The PCTA Bookstore has most of the guidebook information you will need 
to make a safe and well oriented hike.  They also have related videos, 
postcards, patches, T-Shirts, the new PCTA DATA BOOK compiled by Gentle 
Ben and endorsement by the PCTA,etc., and members get a 10% discount!  
Just think, no more having to shop all around for what you need plus a 
discount!  I also understand that Jeff Schaffer, author of  The Pacific 
Crest Trail Guidebooks, California Vol. 1 and Oregon/Washington Vol. 2, 
has offered to contribute half of his royalties to the PCTA --  you 
shouldn’t do the trail without these books -- what a great guy, thanks 

3.  Travel light!

Walt and I traveled fairly light. I carried from 20-23 pounds and 
Walt's weight varied from 38-43, he carried most of the food.  Next 
time we are goint to travel even lighter!

4.  Buy most of your food in Southern California.  

I agree with most of Tim Umstead’s “Mail/Buy” list.  The Mt. Laguna 
store would supply most of your needs, plus there is a restaurant and 2 
hotels!  You can also buy enough food to get you by at Kennedy Meadows 
(NO PHONE!).  Go down by shuttle to Lone Pine or Independence.  PCTA 
may know the man’s name who does the shuttling, you have to call ahead. 
Receiving packages at Kennedy and Vermillion (NO PHONE!) costs money to 
pick up!  They did have some food supplies but not a lot.  Be sure you 
don’t arrive too early at Tuolumne, or you will have to go into 
Yosemite Valley for supplies, otherwise they have a good selection 
there.  I agree about Echo Lake--and suggest that everyone go too South 
Lake Tahoe--stay at Tahoe Sunset Lodge--Sam is great and you can walk 
or ride the bus whereever you want to go - lots of shopping here, plus 
movies, restaurants! We left at Sierra City so I can’t make suggestion 
regarding the rest.  Thanks Tim for putting this list out, I am glad 
someone put all that down so concisely!  You really need help getting 
through the High Sierras with food boxes, I heartily agree with Tim 
about mailing your food boxes to yourself.  Coming from the East Coast 
it cost us $50 a box -half was postage!  We won’t do that again! 

This is getting too long, I could go on a lot longer!  Getting on the 
Web is great. Go to all the WEBSITES, each of us learned so much and we 
are still learning from each other.

Good Luck and Happy PCT Trails!
 Pat Radney ‘97

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