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[pct-l] Fw: Can You Help Svein?

howdy folks,

On Sun, 2 Nov 1997, it was written:
> > this trail Svein. You'll love it ! It flat blows the AT away in scenery.
> We
> > DID meet thru hikers and had alot of trail comraderie. There are'nt
> nearly the
> > amount as the AT but it is still a very social trail. I think, the main
> > difference is that you don't run into many dayhikers on the PCT. Thru
> hikers
> > pretty much have the trail to themselves except for the Holidays..good
> luck ! 

i'm pretty much a day hiker, but i bring extra water so i'm usually
very welcomed.  :)  especially along the DRY southern calif PCT (which
is were i live and often hike).

i'd be happy to drop supplies at route 74 or interstate 10.  i've
met hikers along the route 74 (pinyon pass) area that just didn't
bring enough water!  Southern california is DRY and the springs are
seasonal, VERY seasonal.

now if i just happened to be independently wealthy you'd find me
doing some distance!  i can always hope and that's why i enjoy this
list.  some day i say to myself, some day.

happy hiking,


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