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[pct-l] another 98 "hiker"

Hello  dear PCTA community,

here's another pair of aspiring thru-hikers for '98. We are from and live
in Scotland (Glasgow) and have been following the news-group for a few
weeks now.
I especially appreciated the list of station "mail/buy" advise someone sent
for Svein since we are going to be in the same boat as him. Anybody out
there done the PCT from abroad? Any more helpfull hints?

Martina and Brian

On the subject of sex it would be tempting to maliciously assume that it's
all those single hikers who didn't get any on the trail who write in,
discouraging those of us who have the option! Complete malice and probably
untrue, of course.
Experience does however tell me that tiredness and the unavoidable, strong
fragrance one accquires after a few days without a shower have their own
very distinct impact on the libido.

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