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[pct-l] '97 Thru Hikers

This is Walt and Pat --aka Caboose.  We are eagerly awaiting word from 
those who reached Monument 78, or wherever, on the PCT this year. It 
has been great hearing from some of you and learning about your
continued adventure further north after we had to get off of the trail 
at Sierra City.

Congratulations to all of you, we are so happy for your success!

Has anyone heard or seen "Big Ed" aka Ed Milan from Austin, Texas.  
Walt and I last saw him in Techapi but no one seems to have heard 
anything more about whether he got back on the trail or not. He had to 
get off because of his feet and did a lot of ferrying around for many 
of us in Mojave/Techapi.  If anyone has his address we would appreciate 
receivning it.  Please let me know if you have any information, Thanks.

Hey Ron, how did it go--let us know, we have thought about you lots
since Tahoe! How far did these guys get; Tick (Jason), Sawyer, Little
 John, Annalisa Ring (heard she got trench foot near Washington/Canada 
border), Charles Wood, or Chuck Stone?

We are so proud of Michelle and heard she got back on in Oregon and was
 really strong and that she and Jeff made it in 3 days ahead of
 schedule!! Way to go guys!  Let us hear from you OK?

We'd love to hear from all of you.  It was so hard getting off of the
trail and you were all in our thoughts every day!  Still getting lots
of flash backs.  I had knee surgery and we will be back in '98,
stronger than ever.

     Missing each of you so much!

          Walt & Pat

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