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[pct-l] Easement Violations

>There is an urgent need for specific, documentable, examples of encroachment
>or easement violations.  These are best provided in graphic form - either
>photos or videotape - with an accompanying description of the location
>(preferably keyed to Guidebook map sections), the extent of the problem, and
>the date of documentation (the more recent, the better).


I think we met when I was hiking through the Desolation Wilderness? and you
where in a group of five doing trail work if that rings a bell. Anyway I
just wanted to let you know about one place in particular that really upset
me. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera but doubt whether I, or probably
any other through hiker for that matter, would have been very inspired to
take pictures at the time.

The area in question is after Burney Falls around Red Mountain in Section
O, in and around maps 3-5 if memory serves. I forgot the who owns the land
but they made quite a mess of it, I can tell you. In many places the trail
has been completely obliterated and there is slash lying all over it in
others. Navigation was extremely difficult for about ten or twelve miles. I
encountered other areas of clear cutting on my hike but they all were
relatively old, while this place has been done in very recently. By the
looks of things someone had marked up other nearby units along the PCT for
similar treatment, possibly this upcoming season.

I hope someone from the PCTA will be able to get there ASAP to investigate
this irreparable damage and possibly prevent any more from occurring.
Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. I wrote a letter to
the Vice President concerning the Trail's easement which I carbon copied to
the List. You might have seen it. Perhaps we could make a petition of some

	All the best,
		Andy Strickland
		Eugene, Oregon

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