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[pct-l] re: crampons

Blister-Free discussed the saftey issue of crampons. I would think that any 
respectable course that taught self-arrest techniques, would discuss or 
train an individual in arrest techniques with crampons. The training I had 
was quite awhile back in conjunction with my volunteer activities with San 
Diego Mountain Rescue Team, however, what I seem to recall during 
self-arrest with crampons, is focusing nearly all your thoughts on where 
your crampon points are, and keeping them off the slope. I didn't find 
(voluntary) falls to bad with these on. The self-arrest shouldn't take any 
thought as well, once fallen, as it should be a spontaneous reflex action. 
The thought should be when upright, crossing the slope. Use that time to 
prepare yourself for the fall. Keep the axe in the uphill hand while 
traversing or shaft across your chest (adze well away from your face) in the 
ready position, if balance isn't a problem.

Ken Marlow
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