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Re: [pct-l] El Nino

At 2:05 PM -0700 10/26/97, ALAN JULLIARD wrote:
>>  <snip>

i.  Can you
>imagine John Muir cancelling one of his trips because conditions were not
>perfect?  I dare say that we would have no John Muir Trail, Pacific Crest
>or Yosemite National Park today.

	Actually yes- J Muir cancelled *plenty* of his peak attempts due to
	weather.And the Army was more responsible for YNP than JM was.

	Don't emotionalize to "force" people to underestimate the Sierra
	or any other mountain range.  If you are prepared for adversity
	and have safety-first in mind- go for it- but know when to turn
	back- too many people (Hall, Fisher) did not- and they were
	"experts".. and they will be on their mountain for eternity!

	Watch out for El Nino.  I was there in 82-83 and 600 inches of
	snow is nothing to sneeze at. (30 ' bergshrunds (sp?) were common!)
	Over 40 people died because of EL Nino; it deserves respect.

	Right now in Chile (where I am headed to do Aconcagua next month)
	35 people have died and 10x (yes- ten times) normal rain/snowfall
	has occured as well as numerous mountain flloods and immense snow
	build up due to the El Nino headed our way- predicted  to be "worse
than 82".


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