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[pct-l] socks-Smart Wool

I have always had extremely sweaty feet when I hike.  I recently tried
the Smart Wool Expedition socks, with capiline liners.  Even in plastic
boots, my feet were completely dry at the end of each day of hiking.
I'd recommend them to anyone who has sweaty feet.

There are drawbacks.  First, they are extremely expensive (about $ 27
per sock/liner pair).  Second, I'm not sure how durable the Smart Wools
are.  I've only bought two pairs.  One sock of the first pair developed
a hole at the inside of the ankle after only half an hour of hiking.
Another pair developed a hole at the same location (different boots) at
the end of a day of hiking.  Both were replaced for free.

But for cost and my questions about durability, its the best sock
combination I've seen

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