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[pct-l] socks

My personal preference for socks are Wigwam Ultimax training socks. The
soles are grey and made of olefin, an extremely durible hydophobic fiber,
and the uppers are made from a more hydrophylic nylon. This serves to wick
water from the soles to the uppers.

I used just 3 pair on my california hike (wear a clean pair while one or
two are drying), and I still wear the same three pair regularly. Last time
I looked these socks had a long guarantee against wear (2 years I think)
that I would never be able to use, since I still have the first pair I
bought about 8 years ago. I do long (50-100mile) trail races, and all the
training that goes along with it (2600 or so miles a year running), so I
have figured out what I want in shoes and socks.

The only downside is that olefin will melt in a dryer on high.
Brick Robbins
San Diego, CA          

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