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Re: [pct-l] Shoes

At 04:16 PM 10/19/97 PDT, Andy Strickland wrote:
>Buy a dozen or so pairs of those men's nylon dress socks, the kind you can
>get at Kmart for $5 for three pair. These far outlast the expensive $10 a
>pair designer liner socks. In the desert you can wear a couple pair
>together and later go to good old wool ones over a pair of the nylon ones.
>Those fancy Thorlo (guaranteed for 30 days or your money back) socks will
>be full of holes in a week, guaranteed.

Here's a question... I looked at Kmart, and discovered that they don't
carry nylon dress socks above the 11-13 (sock) size, which handles up to
about size 12 feet.  Since I wear size 13 shoes when I'm not hiking, they
don't do me much good.  Has anyone know of an equivalent source that comes
in an extra large size (sock size 13-15)?

-- Jim Mayer

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