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[pct-l] maintaining trail

Maintaining trail is a good issue.  Whoever does it deserves our thanks!
I haven't done my share, though I plan to.  But when I read something 
like this:

>   And just why do we need to maintain hiking trails? From what I see out
>here, most of them are maintained pretty well simply by people walking on

I have to wonder if this person has seen what parts of the PCT are like in
the early season before the trail crews (of hikers & equestrians, in my 
experience) get to them.

In places the trail just disappears, every year from what I can discern. 
Thousands of blowdowns must be cleared to prevent equally numerous "walk 
around" treads from springing up.  In many ways, the trail crews are more
rebuilding trail than maintaining it.

As far I can tell, there are only two significant answers to the question
"Who maintains the PCT?"  Me!  (or someone else...)

Before long I hope to begin repaying my 1700-mile debt to the trail.  See
you then!

Dylan Kuhn
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