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[pct-l] Thanks, folks

Yep, indeed.  Thanks for the outpouring of wisdom on the Mt. Whitney issue,
one and all.  Great to hear it should be do-able, and largely restriction-
free - unless Uncle Nino decides to stop by this winter.  Particularly
interesting was the idea of "stealth" camping atop the peak itself.  Makes
the logistics easier, and I can't imagine much of anything sweeter than
waking up at the highest point in the lower 48...
  In watching the "horse fued" here from the sidelines now, and hoping I
haven't created some bad recurring nightmare on the list, I can't help
but notice that just about every argument in favor of horses has been
addressed and refuted by Jardine in his Handbook.  In the end, I think the
issue should be focused on the damage being done (to whatever extent - I'm
not the expert there) to the trail itself, physically, and no more than
that.  And I think enough has been done already in the way of accomodating
stock in the original grading and blasting done to create the relatively
smooth, level pathway.  To lay cobblestones or place fill in damaged areas,
for instance, neither addresses the causes of the damage, nor is in the
interest of all trail users.  Such exercises would benefit stock users at
the expense of hikers, I think.  Perhaps an answer lies in looking at the
trail in segments, assessing the amount of damage being done, and either
limit or eliminate stock from particular areas.  Just my 2 cents.
- Blister>Free, PCT '98
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