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[pct-l] Horses and Hikers should be friends

First let me say it it a great joy to read all about the Class of 1997.
It is also good that we all care so much about the PCT.  It should be
cared for and protected.  It should also be used.  I have never been on
a horse on the PCT but as a hiker I respect their right to be there and
use the trail.  After all, they are an important part of our American
History.  The horseman that told a Hiker "get the hell off the trail"
was wrong.  He should respect hikers as part of the trail community.
The hiker that doesn't get of the trail when animals are coming through
is also wrong for not respecting the packers/riders for being a part
of the trail community.  Safety for all should be the first rule.

For the PCT to continue to be as great as we have all experienced it,
it will need the support of all the trail community. Both horse people
and Hikers.  We must all do our part to protect and care for the trail
so that it will be there for our children's children's children.

We are a small community, lets all respect each other.  It is later than
you think!  Honey is better than vinegar.

Happy Trails,

Mikel G. Edwards, hiker   Oregon PCT 1988
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