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[pct-l] Re: Horses on the PCT

Mike (NoHorses) wrote:
>  Perhaps you can appreciate this, then, coming from a maintainer/builder/
>user of trails..
>  If it were not for the horses being on the trail, the trails would be
>easier and cheaper to maintain. Allow me to explain:
>  If a trail is built to stock standards, it must be reinforced, and will
>thus be more costly. If it were built to hiking standards, it could be less
>wide, less clear of brush, and would( in most areas) not have to be


>  Of course, this would put a lot of trail crews out of work. But I'm willing
>to sacrifice that part of volunteering or working to cut the need for
>unnecessary spending by the government..

but i don't consider it unnecessary.  although i don't enjoy the effects of
horses on the trail either, i don't believe my right to be on the trail as
a foot traveller is an exclusive one.

and i must echo sentiments previously expressed:  if it were not for the
dedicated work of backcountry horsemen of calif and other horse groups,
much of the PCT simply would not be maintained - even if all we had to do
was maintain it for foot travel.  for that reason alone i welcome
horsepackers on the trail.

ke kaahawe AT92 TYT94
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