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[pct-l] horsesand trail damage

Yes horses do tear up the trail in some way or another, and to more or
lesser degrees in various locals.  The problem though is that the PCT was
established for the equestrian and hiker.  The enourmous work that it took
to get this trail recognized  and established by the government wouldn't
have happened by the efforts of hikers alone.  As a hiker I do get
frustrated with horse/stock damage, but I accept it as a part of the whole
scheme of the trail.  Without the horse/stock on the trail we wouldn't have
the maintenance we do (even what little we do see sometimes), and projects
like bridges,and heavy construction may never occur. There are places that
I believe it would be ecologically correct to reroute horse/stock traffic,
but I think we need to cooexist and cooperate to keep our trails.
Bob - PCT '97

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