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[pct-l] Ice axe need and usage

Thanks one and all for the helpful, if varied, opinions on using an ice axe.
I suppose I will indeed be purchasing one before next May, and perhaps getting
some professional training.  Mother Nature will then be deferred to for the
final word on how long the axe serves as my sidekick.  Maybe she'll throw
El Nino directly in our path, and flatly deny entry next season altogether.
  Brief input (to those concerned) on Jardine: I realize the man holds strong
convictions about right and wrong when it comes to a thru-hike, and is quick
to point out that his techniques are the most efficient in getting one to
Canada.  I don't have a problem with it.  It's his book, touting his
philosophy, and he makes no pretentions as to being an unbiased source of
info.  The dangers may lie in taking his advice in piecemeal fashion, using
some, ignoring others - and he clearly points out that such is a bad idea.
He's also very forward about admitting that there are plenty of other ways to
hike the PCT than his own - that if you wish to do your own thing, more power
to you.  In short, I'm glad I read the book.  
  Now about that chapter on horses... <g>
Thanks folks,
- Blister>Free
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