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[pct-l] PCT Thru-HIKERS

Greetings All

On Sunday, 22 Sept 1997, I was delivering six friends to the trailhead
at Bridge Creek in Stehekin and had the opportunity to visit with the
following six thru-hikers:

Miles Murphy, Kathy Gayman (Crazy Legs), Randy Aaroema (hard to read
what he wrote on the paper! AKA Dutch Boy), Sean Faris (Doeboy), Bruce
Gerard (Cake).

They ALL appeared to be VERY happy and healthy and expected to be in
Canada in 4 more days. They mentioned that "Batch" (70 years plus?) was
in Stehekin at the present time and doing well. Bob and Bug are a few
days behind them and apparently doing well too. They had a bit of WET
weather a week ago and it took several days to dry out.

They should hit Canada just as the wx changes to rain. I was suprised at
the speed these folks traveled up the road along the PCT section from
Agnes Creek/High Bridge to Bridge creek. We passed them going in to
Bridge creek and by the time we were going home passed them and they
were nearly at BC!! They said they were doing about 25 miles a day at
the present time.


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