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[pct-l] FWD Hiker Injured by Rockslide in Yosemite

Note that the Mist Trail trail is closed for the time being......

Monday, September 15, 1997 

              Hiker Injured by Rockslide in Yosemite 
              By BETTINA BOXALL, Times Staff Writer
A  hiker in Yosemite National Park was injured Sunday afternoon when a tree
tumbled down a slope, showering the  popular Mist Trail with rocks. 
     Little information was available Sunday evening about the hiker, who
was being transported by helicopter to medical facilities. Park rangers said
the person's injuries were not life threatening 
     The small slide occurred on the Upper Mist Trail between Vernal Falls
and Nevada Falls on the east side of Yosemite Valley
     Rockslides are common in the park's rugged terrain.
     "It's something that regularly occurs based on the geology of the
area," park ranger Lynda Doucette said. "It's nothing out of the ordinary.
There isn't a lot you can do. There's no way for us to tel when and where a
rockslide may come down." 
     Last year a 20-year-old Montebello man was killed and about a  dozen
people were hurt when a huge granite arch near Glacier Point broke loose,
unleashing a cascade of debris on the Happy Isles area 2,400 feet below.
     In 1980, three hikers were killed by falling rock near Yosemite  Falls.
     Doucette said a portion of the Upper Mist Trail, from the Verna Falls
iron bridge to the top of Nevada Falls, was closed after  Sunday's slide. 

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