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[pct-l] Hello and a pop quiz

I'm back in Portland, OR with a roof over my head again.  So anyone wanting
to email me, I'm back.  I went from Canada to Mexico, except this time it
was on a bicycle.  I rode the Pacific Coast Highway the whole way down.  It
took roughly 45 days of riding.  After I finished, my friend Max was VERY
kind in letting me stay for 5 days at her apartment.  She has trouble using
a keyboard & no Internet access but I'd like to thank her again.

Anyway, here is an interesting fact that I figured out care of Microsoft
Excel;  I'll turn it into a quiz.  

How much TOTAL elevation gain does the Pacific Crest Trail have?  (from
Mexico to Canada, no Mt. Whitney Sidetrip)  I thought I saw this published
somewhere, but I can't locate it.  Anyway, the person who comes closest gets
a free email hug!

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