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[pct-l] Where to start?

Hi there

My name is Josh Little and I am a 26 year old Kiwi (ie a New Zealander).
I have for sometime been considering attempting to walk the length of
the Pacific Crest Trail. To this end I have done some research about the
logistics of such a trip.. However, as I sit here in New Zealand I can't
help wonder - where do I start? I am writing this letter in oder to get
some ideas. So far I have looked at Visa requirements, travel logistics
and equipment lists. I am confident I am on the right track in regards
to US entry requirements. I am also comfortable with equipment that I
will need to bring. However, in regards to the travel arrangements, I am
less than happy with the information that I have been able to gather.

If you feel you can point me in the right direction I would love to hear
from you. Alternatively you may be able to suggest some information
sources that would help me in the planning phase of my endeavour.
(Please bear in mind some sources of information are not readily
available here in NZ).

Thanks for your time.


Josh Little

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