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[pct-l] PCT - Class of 97

I hiked 70 miles through the Mount Adams and Indian Heaven Wildernesses
(Midway Meadows to Panther Creek) and met several through hikers on the
way.  Thought you'd like to know:

Bud Cotrell, St. Helena, CA
Chad Loberger, Flagstaff, AZ
Jim Everett, Cedro Woooley, WA

Susie Schwalje
Paul Grubb and Elizabeth Dieter, Portland, OR (Cascade Locks to Canada)
Charlie Wood, Arlington, VA
Dave Valenzuela, Goldsboro, NC

Brian Robinson, San Jose, CA
Andy Strickland, Eugene, OR
Dave Paulson. Grass Valley, CA
Elizabeth Lunney, MD
CC, Lara, and Joey

Leslie (Flower Power), Blue Hill, ME
Rob (Rob of Loxley), Sheffield, UK
Kathy (Crazy Legs), MI
Randy (Dutch Boy), MI
Michael (Trooper), NH
Sean (Doe Boy), Bozeman, MT
Bruce (Cake), New England
Dale, New Zealand
Miles (Nicotine), Ireland
Anton Briefer, MN
Polly Dubbel, MN
Bob Turner and Bug, ID

This appears to have been a pretty good year for through hikers!

Steve Queen
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