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[pct-l] Introducing "Strider"

Hello fellow PCT'ers!

I hiked the entire trail (well with a few minor exceptions) in 1977.  Just
this last weekend I joined Jeff Zimmerman (another 77'er) on the JMT/PCT up
at 1,000 Island Lake in the Ansel Adams Wilderness Area.  We climbed Banner
Peak, 12,945', and then hiked down to Red's Meadow to fellow 77'er, Paul
Hacker, for a mini 20 year reunion!  Paul and I crossed the Canadian border
on Sept. 7th, 1977, twenty years to the day!  The weekend was great, the
weather dynamic and beautiful, the trail in good shape, and a fine event
was had.  Jeff and a friend, Jason from Ogden, Utah, are currently hiking
south to complete the JMT.  They should be arriving at Whitney Portal
around 9/18.  If you are going to climb Whitney then, say hello from the

Best regards,

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