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Re: [pct-l] Trail Conditions

>From: daniel rufner <drufner@ucsd.edu>
>After all the things that get talked to death here, I was surprised to find
>no response regarding the fires near Wrightwood.
>More than 1,700 firefighters from 18 agencies have battled the fire,
>> which started Wednesday afternoon when a camper burned toilet paper.
>> The camper was told it was more environmentally safe to burn toilet
>> paper instead of digging a hole and burying it, Christman said.
>> Burning is never a good idea in dry Southern California forests, she
>> added.
>Maybe there is no response because, realistically, a majority of hikers
>(especially throgh hikers it seems) have litle respect for the trail.

Sorry I'm a little confused. Was the camper who allegedly set the fire
to the Wrightwood area a "through" hiker? If not, I assume you've
concluded that since you got no response from the list that therefore
people who subscribe to this list are disrespect of the trail and of
you as well.

One could also assume that many of us on this list are respectful of
the trail; do not burn our toilet paper; carry it out and really don't
have to confirm it with a follow-up response.

>There were many cases which I was surprised at lack of through hikers
>knowledge (such as sitting around in Kennedy Meadows listening to people
>explain self arrest techiniques incorrectly), tons of novel ideas that are
>bad for the environment

Again why is your accusation limited to through hikers? I've heard
Rangers and Sierra Club leaders give out misinformation and

>and horses and fast hikers making their own
>tracks cutting trails in the effort to get further faster.

I haven't met any through horses.

>Climbers have often done the duty in ziplocs.

Maybe on the rock, off the rock climbers are no different than anyone
else. I've known some pretty disrespectful climbers too.

>Wrightwood fires illustrate why burning it is just stupid (besides, nothing,
>not even soot and ashes, that we bring from the outside should stay).

Actually there is a contingent of us who feels that campfires are a no
no, but alas we're a small minority and our opinion can be suspended
on a cold dreary day.

So I'll continue to do as you do: carry my toilet paper out, use snow
and mule ears whenever they're in reach and avoid "pine needles" or
anything with gritty potential.

Happy wiping!

        Dave Encisco
        or dencisco@rotorwiz.arc.nasa.gov
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