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[pct-l] Re: Snoqualmie to Stevens / WA

Victor Cosby wrote:

> 3) Can I expect to see some black bears or griz? Are they neighborly or food bag savvy. [Come to think of it, has anyone tried the bear-resistant containers; I've heard they've gone a long way to reducing incidents of Yogi & Booboo situations in Denali.]


My partner and I have used bear canisters for our backpacking trips the
last 4 years and they are definitely worth the extra weight. We each
carry one and we can hold up to 8 days worth of food, plus have room for
any scented products (like soap or toothpaste) that need to be stored
safely at night. It is such a pleasure to make camp in the early evening
and not have to worry about or hassle with finding the right tree to
throw a bear-line. The lid sits flush in the top of the canister and the
locks are opened using the flathead blade of a Swiss Army knife or a
coin. Bears can't open the canister because they can't get a grip
anywhere. We're safe until bears start carrying change! :) Seriously,
I've read a couple accounts now of backpackers watching a bear holding a
stick and waving it over his/her head in the general direction of the
bear bags. Heaven help us when some Yogi makes the connection...


Rebecca Kuga
San Rafael, CA
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