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[pct-l] RE Angeles NF Fire

Per Roger Carpenter's info request........
Hikers, please don't put a match to that toilet paper in the dry So Cal
mountains!  Sadly, this is the story of a regretful hiker who shouldn't
Kevin Corcoran
Palmdale CA

> Wildfire closes on Wrightwood
> This story appeared in the Antelope Valley Press August 17, 1997.
> Valley Press Staff Writer
> WRIGHTWOOD - Flames from a 9,437-acre wildfire were only 2 1/2 miles
> away from the scenic winter resort of Wrightwood in the Angeles
> National Forest Saturday, according to a U.S. Forest Service
> spokeswoman.
> Eighty-three crews are deployed in the small town to protect
> structures and evacuate residents if necessary, said spokeswoman Linda
> Christman.
> "Two-and-a-half miles doesn't seem very far if you are in a car, but
> it isn't as close as it seems," Christman said.
> Before the fire can reach the town, it must burn down into a drainage
> area, then up the other side and across a 1,500-foot buffer zone,
> Christman said. Firefighters used the zone in a backfire operation to
> clear away any vegetation that could fuel the fire.
> The forestry service hopes the drainage area will stop the flames,
> Christman said.
> "A fire slows when burning downhill, but it will burn 16 times faster
> uphill," she added. The fire is located southwest of Wrightwood on the
> Los Angeles side of the San Gabriel Mountains burning northeast.
> More than 1,700 firefighters from 18 agencies have battled the fire,
> which started Wednesday afternoon when a camper burned toilet paper.
> The camper was told it was more environmentally safe to burn toilet
> paper instead of digging a hole and burying it, Christman said.
> Burning is never a good idea in dry Southern California forests, she
> added.
> The blaze, known as the Narrows Fire, was 32% contained late Saturday
> afternoon. Five people have suffered injuries, which include smoke
> inhalation and heat exhaustion.
> To fight the blaze, firefighters have brought in 10 air tankers, 21
> helicopters, seven bulldozers and 12 water tenders. The fire has cost
> an estimated $1.6 million thus far and is expected to cost more than
> $8 million, according to forestry officials.
> The blaze began Wednesday in the east fork of San Gabriel Canyon,
> within the Sheep Mountain Wilderness area. The area hasn't burned
> since 1953, according to the Forest Service.
> The fire has threatened the native vegetation, historical sites,
> sensitive animal habitat and the watershed which will increase
> potential for erosion and flooding after winter storms.
> Forestry service officials have closed several highways and
> campgrounds, including Highway 2, from Islip Saddle to Big Pines
> Highway; Blue Ridge and Cabin Flat roads; Lupine, Cabin Flat, Blue
> Ridge and Guffy campgrounds; the Pacific Crest Trail, from Little
> Jimmy Campground to Vincent Saddle and from Inspiration Point to Guffy
> Campground, and the East Fork Trail.
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