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[pct-l] Scodie Mtn Fire

Hi all-

Just for your info, there was a 6000 acre fire in the Scodie Mtns last week
(Section F) just south of Walker Pass. The trail was closed for awhile, but
I've received word that it's open again. The rumor is that McIver's Cabin
WAS saved, though I don't know in what condition.

As the NEW PCTA Trail Coordinator for the area (that's right, from Jawbone
Canyon Rd to Kennedy Meadows. 103 miles. Ugh!) I will investigate and
report back, but will not be able to do so until Labor Day weekend.

Since I am responsible for keeping the trail ship-shape here, I would
appreciate any info or suggestions concerning this section. I have not
hiked or ridden the whole section, but I plan on doing so this year. What
little I've done, I know that a lot of trail work needs to be done.

Anyway, your help would be appreciated! Happy hiking!

Carol Barrett
(Soon to have two new additions to the family, Magic & Logo, Pack Goats

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