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[pct-l] Namie Bacille

On Thu, 14 Aug 1997, Bluetrail@aol.com wrote:

Subject: [pct-l] Namie Bacille

About a month ago Jon (now thru hiking the PCT) and I got a post card from
Namie Bacille (Let It Be).   Namie is either the current or immediate past
president of ALDHA-West.  (I met Namie on a weather-truncated hike--I'm a
whimp but it was Jon who got hypothermia--in the Shennandoah NP with Jon in 
May 1996; Jon had previously met him on the AT and ran into him again later 
that year.)  The recent post card was written from Monson, Maine; Namie was 
close to finishing another AT thru-hike.

Namie said after he finished he'd go directly to Washington to begin a
southbound hike of the PCT.  He wants to be the first person to do both
trails in one year.  (He tried it last year, but we heard that he said he was
having such a good time on the AT he slowed down to enjoy it.)

Does anyone know if he has begun his PCT hike?  If so, where on the trail is
he?  I want to let Jon know so that he can watch out for him.

Thanks in advance.



About a week ago I received a phone message from Namie calling from Stehekin, 
Washington.  He started on the PCT from Manning Park and was making good 
progress. If I had to guess, I'd say he's probably somewhere near Snoqualmie 
Pass by now.  

Joe at the PCTA office
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