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[pct-l] End of the Trail

Hey guys

Tuesday  night I left Castella and got in about an hour of hiking before
I set up camp.  The  next morning I got up at 5:30 and was on the trail,
after a hearty breakfast of grilled cheese and coffee, by 6:15.  About
7:30 I stopped for a water break.  

Sitting there I realized it was time to go home.  I just was not
enjoying the trail any more.  The thought of 40-50 more nights in the
tent and just as many 25 mile days had lost its appeal.

After meditating on my decision for about an hour, I walked  back to the
campground 25 (much to the suprise of the people heading out that
morning),  caught the midnight train to Sacremento and boarded a flight
to Austin at 9:30 am.

Happy to be home, no regrets, had a good time.  Thanks to everyone who
helped along the way and good luck to all those still on the trail.

Tom Best

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