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Re: [pct-l] Tent Vote & 96 Web Page


After climbing into the Walrus Arch, SD Orion and Meteor Lt, I
was choosing between the Orion and Meteor as I like the head space
on a wet, rainy day as I sit and read a good magazine.

Wanting to see the star overhead, having a double zipper entry for control
and much larger vestibule  were the end. I just bought it
home and its "up" in the living room.  Kathy my wife joined in and we
had a glass of wine under the ceiling! Nice interior pockets and
got up in a snap. I'll take the extra weight for I am a little
claustiphobic in a low ceiling tent. This week in on to the trails
for a short three day hike on NJ Appalacian Trail.

Is it OK if I link your web page with mine.
It's at http://members.aol.com/hikenet

 Thanks for reply, Tom

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