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[pct-l] re: Rich -tents

Rich writes re. a tent on Whitney:
What month did you
	stay up there? Where did you situate your tent?
	What was the name of the company in San Diego that made
	the pie shaped (upright) tents you mentioned?

It was at the end of a JMT thru-hike in '77. I think it was the tail-end of 
August. One of those situations where you really need to be confident a 
storm won't brew! As you might recall, just west of the summit, there are 
many rectangular footings between wind breaks erected from the talus. A few 
rocks put in the tent (atop spare clothing) and guying the tent out, worked 
fine. One doesn't have the luxury of pointing one's tent into the wind up 
there, as the recess are fairly small. If you plan to spend the night,  
bring LOTS of water. Cotton mouth was a big problem at that elevation. And 
if there appears to be the slightest possiblility of a storm, get off of 
  The Tent was made by Adventure 16 Wilderness Outfitters. They used to make 
1.5, 2.5, and 4 man half-dome tents (as well as other tents, packs and 
clothing).I don't believe they make any of their own gear anymore (although, 
looking back at it, it was all pretty good stuff). They're based out of San 
Diego (Alvarado Canyon Rd) and have a couple of stores in the So. Cal area 
(I think they still do). I don't have a phone # or address.

-Ken Marlow
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