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[pct-l] Re: Vestibules, etc.

>(Oh, I can hear the moaning and gnashing of ultra-teeth now.)

  Actually, a high pitched screeching, all of those titanium teeth...

  Lest anyone think that I (among others) only advocate going as light as
possible, I will clarify my position: I was rather on the heavy side on my thru
(like most, including the Jardine's, I'm sure, on their first), have since cut
weight where it makes sense and where I feel comfortable cutting, and I still
carry a relatively heavy pack when on short family trips, as I do not expect my
family to suffer (I would never hear the end of it!).  I believe that every
person should carry whatever they want to carry, be it the kitchen sink or
nothing.  Finally, no less a person than Henry David Thoreau said in "Walden"
something to this effect: upon seeing a poor Irish immigrant family with all of
their possessions in the world packed into a wagon, one of Thoreau's companions
(Emerson, maybe) commented how sorry he felt that they had so little; Thoreau's
wonderful rebuttal was how sorry HE felt that had so MUCH!!  I wonder if HD was
contemplating a thru-hike...

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