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[pct-l] PCT Trail Maintenance Trips (Sierra)

Greetings, list.  I haven't posted for a while but I'd like to tell you
about some upcoming trail maintenance projects I'm organizing with the
Toiyabe National Forest between Yosemite and Carson Pass.

We've scheduled trips on August 22-24 (Raymond Peak/Ebbetts Pass) and
September 5-7 (Sonora Pass).  We will meet and camp at the trailhead on
Friday night, and hike to the worksite early Saturday.  We’ll spend the
rest of the day repairing the trail, and camp that night nearby.  We’ll
finish up on Sunday morning, in time to be back at the trailhead mid

The Raymond Peak trip involves about a 5 mile hike in.  We will probably
camp somewhere near the work site on Sat.  The Sonora Pass work site is on
the north side of the pass, up to Wolf Creek pass.  This is close enough
that we'll come back to base camp at Sonora Pass for Sat night.

Both trips involve re-digging treadway that is sloughing off the mountain.
The trail in both areas traverses open slopes of loose volcanic rock.
We'll be working with the FS rangers, who will provide tools and instruction

We need 8 to 10 volunteers for each trip.  If you are interested in doing
some trail work, experiencing some comraderie with fellow outdoors people,
or just want to spend a few days on the Pacific Crest Trail, these
workparties are a great opportunity.  We’ll have a lot of fun (it’s not all
work and no play!) and complete some well-deserved repairs.

I'm also looking for a camp cook for each trip.  This will be a big help
for the trail maintainers, who won't have to prepare dinner after a hard
day's work.  I've got spaces open on both trips, but especially need more
people for the Raymond Peak trip coming up in a couple weeks.

If you're interested, especially you camp cooks, please e-mail me back, or
call me during the day at (209) 529-3170 x 139.

Thanks, and hope to see you on the trail...

Mike Henderson

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