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[pct-l] Lite tents no longer available.

I've been reading the discussion on lightweight tents and vestibules, and 
can't help to think back on my tent during my '82 thru-hike. The tent was 
one of only a half-dozen 1.5 person half-dome tents made by Adventure 16. 
Weighing in around 3.5 lbs, having a broadside entrance that allowed cooking 
while sitting-up comfortably in one's bag, and a true "bathtub" floor, along 
with an ample "veranda" (a vestiblue that was suspended off the ground), the 
tent was a dream. It looked like a slice of pie, up on its side. It was very 
aerodynamic, and once tied-out was great in high winds (had it up on a very 
windy night on Whitney with no problems).

Unfortunately this company doesn't make tents anymore. While back down in 
San Diego on vacation, I swung over and asked about tents and patterns. They 
said there are no longer any of their tents in their rental program and that 
Penny (the repair person?) uses the old tents for customer repair parts. 
They weren't sure if patterns were still hanging-around. Perhaps some 
pressure could revive the line, or make available patterns. 

Meanwhile we keep ending-up with tents with awkward entrances towards one's 
back that makes cooking a pain, or tents weighing in a bit heavy because of 
excess poles. Let's all pressure the tent manufactures for quality 
half-domes (Eg: "Hey Walrus, put that door on the side)!

-Ken Marlow
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