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[pct-l] minimum size vestibules?

Brick, Thanks for reply and insight.  While that 'fun ultralight' comment
didn't originate with me but hey enjoy the active discussion.  I guess I am
not fully into ultralight and I'll get a vestibule so in those rains and
sleet, I can
do some warm cooking. Seems I am now between a  Sierra Design
and Walrus Arch Rival. Anyone have  suggestion on the minimum size vestible one
should get?

While others have recommended smaller size tents and other mfg,looks like I
am now focusing on one of three. of course I'll visit our local outdoor
shop and frocilic around.  I'll see if I can rent each of 'em.

But pending that:

 Votes everyone (I realise each comes with their own views). Has anyone had
any bad experiences with these below?  Anyone have experience with Arch
Rievel in a light snow?

a.  Sierra Designs Meteor Light CD Tent

b. Sierra Designs Orion CD Tent


c. Walrus Arch Rievel


 Thanks in advance.  All advice welcomed, tom 'hikenet' caggiano


At 11:05 PM -0700 8/5/97, Brick Robbins wrote:
>iardrg@telusplanet.net (R J Hayes) wrote:
>>>(Oh, I can hear the moaning and gnashing of ultra-teeth now.)<<
>You won't here this ultralight hiker moaning and gnashing teeth!  I
>strongly feel that you should HIKE YOUR OWN HIKE!!! If you want to carry
>the kitchen sink, then go ahead and do it! If I like you, I may offer
>friendly advice that might make your hike (in my opinion anyway) more
>pleasant, but I won't try and browbeat you into doing things MY WAY.
>FWIW, I love the vestibule on my winter tent. It's the only way to cook in
>a storm without freezing, or worrying about burning a hole in the tent
>floor. But then again......... I have started using a mega-mid (sort of a
>big tarp) to save weight on winter ski trips.<gdr>
>Brick Robbins
>San Diego, CA
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