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[pct-l] Bob & Joy Turner's Homepage

Chris Turner asked me to tell those of you following their trek that Bob &
Joy called from Etna August 1.  Chris is going south to meet them, so web
postings will be delayed.

I think about October I'm going to start a 12-step recovery program for trail
angels.  We already have the support group in place (three of us at least are
communicating regularly in roundabout ways), but we need to break this
dependency--dependency on the post office, dependency on UPS (who's certainly
letting us down!), dependency on weather reports from the west coast,
dependency on crackly phone calls from campgrounds, dependency on scribbled
notes from the trail, dependency on maps and trail guides, dependency on
support from fellow trail angels.....

Joan  (trail angel to Jon Phipps/Wanchor who should be in Castella 8/6)

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