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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #213

> If one had a choice. Which Sierra Design tent would you choose
> http://www.sierra-designs.com/specialfeature/june97/intro.html
> name       sqft    vestibule/sqft   wt lbs
> orion      35          7.5             5
> meteor lt  40          14              6

I used the meteor light for 10 days of so on the AT during june of 96...a 
buddy of mine and I shared it.  It was a _great_ 2 man tent.  Way too big 
for one person though.  I'd recommend the Clip Flashlight for solo 
backpacking...I own one and love it!  It is light (mine is just under 4lbs), 
easy to set up, and does a fine job for me during rain.  I haven't used it 
too much in colder weather, but I was at Mt. Rogers on the AT this spring 
and temps dropped down to high 30's low 40's, and i was a little chilly 
in my ten year old 20 degree sierra designs bag.  It was also very humid 
and rainy contributing to the chilliness though....

craig kapfer
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