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[pct-l] Oregon Section E+ shuttle needed - Mid August


	Looking for a shuttle around section E ( + 17 miles)
in Oregon.

Thinking about mid August. I am somewhat flexible.

In order of preference:
	Would prefer to meet at Santiam Pass and be shuttled
        down to Highway 58 crossing of the PCT.

	Could also have someone transport my vehicle to
        Santiam pass while I am on the trail.
	Could also call someone when I arrive at Santiam
        Pass and be driven back to Highway 58 junction

Willing to pay a reasonable amount for the above services.

Reply on the PCT-L or email me at mikea@lsid.hp,com

				Thanks for your consideration

                                          MIKE AKEN

The nice part about being a pessimist     mba@lsid.hp.com
is that you are constantly being either   MS = 90  loc = UE3
proven right or pleasantly surprised.     N7OUJ
                                          mike_aken  / HPA100/50
                          - George Will   (206) 335-2064
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