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[pct-l] Belden

-- [ From: Judy * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Just a note for PCTers in years to come.  Belden (M11, N1 - Hwy 70) is a
convenient postal pickup stop, but unfortunately for PCT thru-hikers
Belden hosts an all-weekend event on the 3rd weekend in July - the peak
time for thru-hikers to pass this point.  The town (which is privately
owned) is closed to the public and folks (mostly motorcyclists) pay $35
to get in.  Because the post office is open, PCTers must legally be let
into town to pick up packages, but must be out of town by the time the P
.O. closes (5pm weekdays, 12noon Sat.)  We are supporting some hikers
who went thru this year on July 18.  They said everyone was nice enough,
but it wasnt the warm welcome they have received so many other places. 
There were about 700 motorcyclists in town and camping along the Feather
River was packed.
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