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Re: [pct-l] Bivy Sack opinions

At 06:32 PM 7/30/97 -0700, Kurt Herzog wrote:
>> Robert Knoth <robertkn@mdhost.cse.tek.com> wrote
>> To: pct-l@saffron.hack.net
>> Subject: [pct-l] Bivy Sack
>> Date: July 30, 1997 10:15 AM
>> Hi,
>> I am going to be doing some solo backpacking soon, and have been curious 
>> about bivy sacks.  
>. . . stuff deleted . . . 

>If you want absolutly the least weight a 10x10 tarp or HD poly sheet
>will do the trick at a fraction of the cost and about the same weight.
>I would add a yard or two of bug net... especially if you go anywhere
>near Waldo Lake <g>.

I like a tube tent - a 10' long sheet plastic tube about 5' in diameter - as
an emergency shelter.  For summer in the Sierras, where it seldom rains
seriously, multi-night trips sleeping under the stars with nothing but a
tube tent for emergencies is a very practical way to go.  Of course, if
you're way above treeline, with no objects to tie a rope between, it can be
difficult to string the tube tent.
>I have for years used a very light Eureka tent (not made any longer)
>that comes in at 5 pounds.. tent, fly, stakes and groundcloth.  The
>extra 3 pounds above the weight of a tarp are well worth the extra
>comfort and room... _especially_ if the weather is bad.  There are
>quite a few tents on the market in this weight range... take a look
>at some and talk to owners about their favorites.

My Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight is now 11 years old, has seen extensive
use and is still a dynamite tent.  It weighs about four pounds fully
equipped, and has been widely imitated in the industry.  With seams sealed,
it has come through no end of rain, hail, and six inches of wet snow
completely dry.  Last year the coated "bathtub" portion started getting a
little damp, so I bought a bottle of some re-coating urethan liquid at
Krikham's in SLC (can't remember the brand name), retreated it and it seems
to be good as new.  The size is luxurious for one , cozy for two.  Only
disadvantage, IMHO, is that it's not self-supporting, and needs to be staked.

Tom Horton

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