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[pct-l] Bivy Sack


I am going to be doing some solo backpacking soon, and have been curious 
about bivy sacks.  I have never used one, and found that outdoor stores 
(REI, etc...) do not rent them.  So, what are people's general opinions 
of them?  Besides the usual of very little space, and not good in a 
blizzard, what are your experiences with them?  I am planning on also 
rigging up a tarp to use as a mock vestibule.  I was looking at models 
from Eureka (the Solitare), Slumberjack, and Outdoor Research's Advanced 
Bivy.  Any horror stories?  Is condensation as much of a problem as I 
have heard?    Would the gore-tex in the OR bivy help this, or is it 
mostly hype?  Up to now the info I have read/heard is from Outdoor 
research, and sales people.  I know OR wouldn't badmouth their own stuff, 
and the sales people are not going to stop me from buying their big 
ticket gore-tex bivy either.  So, any good third-party opinions? The weather 
I am expecting is 3 season stuff in Oregon, mostly in the Cascades, but 
who knows where else...


Rob Knoth

(Opionions here do ont reflect those of employer, etc...)
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