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[pct-l] Ideas for trail lunches

Wed, 23 Jul 1997 Craig Nielsen <craignielsen@proaxis.com> wrote:

>Hi everyone!  Just a quick question - what are your favorite no-cook
>backpacking lunches?

While on the PCT in 95 thru- hikers Charlie and Tony Thorpe introduced me to
an item they learned from the AT: peanut butter, honey and margarine on
tortillas.  I tried it, but found the mix too rich for me.  So in 96 I ate
plain PB&J in tortillas.  Most flour tortillas pack really well, except for
the Diane's brand.  I carried a squeeze tube for the jelly, and peanut
butter is sold in lightweight platic jars.  If tortillas weren't available,
buns or bread were a suitable substitute.  Almost every resupply stop
carried these items.  Once I reached 2000 miles or so last year I couldn't
wait for lunch, and I often ate one for a mid-morning snack!

Roger Carpenter

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