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[pct-l] Muir Trail Ranch info??

Wed, 23 Jul 1997  Rick Duncan <rduncan@cdpr.ca.gov>  wrote:

>Does anyone out there have current info on sending resupply parcels to
Muir Trail Ranch?  
>--we'releaving on 8/8 and will need to have our parcel there by 8/15. 

Put all your stuff in a 5 gallon bucket (the kind paint or resaurant
mayonaise comes in), tape the lid on secure, then mail it to the address on
the JMT page http://www.gorp.com/pcta/jmt.htm along with a big check (price
is on the same page). Ive seen the same buckets for sale at Home Depot.
Just put a shipping label on the bucket and take it to the PO. They didn't
even look at me funny the first time I mailed a bucket<g> though I felt
stoopid mailing a big pail. JMTTR wants it in plastic because they store
the stuff in a stone out-building and mice can eat through cardboard boxes.

Plan on 3-4 weeks for it to get to the ranch. They only go into town to get
mail every couple of weeks, and if you time it wrong it can take a LONG
time for them to haul your package up to the ranch.

This late in the game you would probably be better off mailing it to
Vermillion Valley Resort instead. It is further off the trail, but the
folks there are nicer, and they get their mail more often, because they
have a paved road to civilization. You need to give them a good deal of
lead time too, because they have to drive into town to get the mail also.
Butch (the VVR owner) reads this list, so he may reply with the details.

I hope this helps
Brick Robbins
San Diego, CA          
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